The perfect loft conversion

Turning Empty loft space into something beautiful!

Families throughout the UK have come around to the idea of improving their homes rather than sell and uproot themselves, and I’m a firm believer that you can do a lot with your existing home space. Loft conversions are very popular because they can change an old unused space into something worth shouting from the rooftops about.

If you’ve dreamt of having a space to call your own but felt that you didn’t have the room, then think again. I spoke to a loft conversions Birmingham specialist at Dougherty Construction and I was inspired by what I heard! I’d never considered having a man cave for my husband, or a craft room for myself, a play area for the kids (it could even be soundproofed), a home cinema for entertaining or just to feel fancy. You could have pretty much anything you want, up above the house you’re already living in.

A space at the top of your house could be an ideal place for your new master bedroom, with lovely views, and peace & quiet away from the rest of the rooms in your house. If you’re considering it then here are some hints and tips for transforming your loft space in to a more useful area.

‘The attic’ is somewhere my dad always used to tell me my evil twin brother lived, it was a dark place that smelt weird and you could only get up there with a pole and a ladder so it was reserved for keeping Christmas decorations and my old school books in (I don’t know why we were keeping those). But if you put in some windows to make it light and airy it’d be like a different place straight away! Daylight is so undervalued until you look at a space which is always dark. There are many options when adding light to a loft conversion such as top; hung windows or even electric roof windows if you want to add a touch of luxury. Maybe even go one step further and install a balcony window system! Having a Juliette style balcony on your roof isn’t that difficult when you look into it.

Once you’ve added light, you just need to decorate with light airy colours in mind and pick out some furniture to suit your needs and bish bash bosh you’re done. When the room is filled with natural light flowing through the windows, some bespoke (or flat-pack IKEA) furniture, and light coloured walls, it’ll be one of your new favourite places to be!




How To Choose The Right Roofer For You

One major obstacle many homeowners face when fixing or replacing a damaged roof is selecting the appropriate person for the job. If you live in Manchester, UK, you need things to go back to normal quickly after an incident such as a storm. Despite the urgency, you do not merely pick the first roofer who knocks on your door. To get the needed roofing repairs done well and in time, you ought to find a roofer who is honest, reliable and professional. Fortunately there are many proficient roofers in Manchester that are available but this also makes it hard for you pick one. We’ve teamed up with local roofers Manchester experts Acorn Bespoke Roofing and Building to rake a look at some tips to help you choose the right roofer for you.

Go For a Local Roofer

When choosing a roofer, it is advisable to pick a local one since they are familiar with the area and can acquire the necessary permits. The local roofers Manchester offers also know the roofing procedures and installation codes for the area. A local contractor also knows the weather patterns, the trends in roof products and styles in Manchester. They also have solid affiliations with the suppliers and insurance agents in Manchester. As a result, you receive fast and great services.

Do Not Merely Dwell on Price

Do not select a roofer based on price alone since that is not everything. You may come across cheap bids in the market but ultimately, you receive what you pay for. When you make your choice solely based on the prices the roofer offers, you eventually end up having to spend extra money to fix problems. By picking a respectable roofer or company that is well-established you avoid these extra costs and issues.

Steer Clear Of Storm Chasers

Avoid any roofers Manchester has who are storm chasers who knock on your door since all they do is canvass and sell. Choose a contractor from a sign in or referral within your area that has a content customer on the other end.

Evaluate the Roofer’s Communication Techniques

Another thing you need to do is consider how the roofer returns your calls since communication is essential to any business. Go for a roofer who ensures you get what you need. If you fail to receive adequate communication from the roofer as they attempt to get your business, chances are they can get worse when you finally commit the job to them.

Check Whether They Have Appropriate Insurance and Licensing

There are numerous roofers Manchester has to offer and each one needs to have licenses. However, this does not prevent unlicensed ones from trying to take on roofing jobs. Therefore, before you settle on one, check whether they are insured. Ascertain the roofer can make a copy of the certificate available for validation purposes. Lack of proper insurance can potentially lead to legal action between you as a homeowner and the roofer if the employee is injured at your house.

With the above tips, you are now better placed to find the right roofer for you and get value for your money.



Warehouse Residential Conversion Design Ideas

Volpe created the interior inhabited out of warehouse space in 1910. Cracks that run vertically in the forest adds rustic charm. exposed red brick structure with redwood posts as well as some wooden furniture in the same color. A mix of soft and hard to create a theme in the attic of the house classic yet luxurious.

For example, patio door glass walls that continue to form a skylight framed in a black color that create drama to transparency. A seat near the door of a dark curved clear glass patio also contrasts with the space. At a solid wall adjacent, a large painting of a blurred image of trees in a soft green dominant. In space, linking the open concept living, strong legs black furniture is the basis for the two seats that have seen, white and fluffy lambswool. Coffee table is also a strong neutral black base.


A hanging pendant lights hang from the upper floors fall dramatically into the empty space. It is placed over a large table with eight chairs brown dark. Floors create the base pale contrast to the dark furniture in the attic dream home.

This area is more like a library than the dining room as the furniture of which is a bookcase, a large modular which takes up most of the walls. Bookshelf black against white walls carry on the theme of contrast. The books in each section cube bookcase arranged carefully with some placed vertically and another horizontally. Because the color of the book is also controlled by the majority was in neutral with some dark red and watery blue, adding a whole bookcase of artistic display.

Other artistic touches in the converted attic Volpe was the end of the cube table made from pieces of curved silver metal is pressed together. Open space featuring the hard metal again gives a strong contrast to the theme of airiness in the interior design. The theme continues in the living room with a soft velvet sofa flanked by the hard metal floor lamp. Connected with cream shades pendant light shade to see the coherence in a luxury loft.


In the kitchen, wood tones warm the same media that fits with redwood posts used for the cabinet. Storage cabinets all enclosed except for an open door that adds some interest to both contrast and interior design. An open shelf double hung above the sink and open shelves and wine rack on one side of the fridge.

Interior Volpe converted attic bedroom is dark in terms of natural light, but once again the contrast created by the placement of two large wall lights above the bed. Cool the room, neutral colors that memorable somber warm with brown leather seat with minimalist furniture that looks luxurious and stunning warehouse residential conversion.

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